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                        The Basic Search screen allows you to select from a drop down list the options to search by either Company Name, Company Type and/or Location.

                        To perform a basic search: 

                        Click on the option e.g. company name and enter your search word in the search field. This can be part of the company name or full name.

                        and / or

                        Select the next type of search you wish to do in next search option Company Type. This is the type of business entity e.g. knitter, weaver, etc.

                        and / or

                        The Location Search displays a list of provinces. To select the individual province click in the check box which will select and filter the selection made. To select all the options as displayed on the Locations search, select the “Select All Icon”, this will tick each check box and display results for all locations. To de select, select the “De Select All icon”, This will untick each check box.

                        Based on your search criteria entered into the specified fields the results will be displayed at the bottom of the page and the interactive map displays the pins of where the company is located based on the search filters applied. It is not necessary to press enter as results are automatic. The filters applied can be viewed by selecting the FILTER option to view the selection made as well as edit these filters.

                        The Advanced Search allows you to Narrow down search results for complex searches using the search for Market Segment, Raw materials used and End products produced. This Advanced Search can be used in conjunction with the Basic Search or on its own.

                        To perform a advanced search: Click on the Market Segment to expand the search criteria and make your selection. The market segment is the consumer or business sub group. You can select each type individually by ticking the check box next to the market segment name or using the “Select All icon” to select all the options.

                        and / or

                        On the Raw materials search criteria, select first the Material Group from the Drop down list. The raw materials are linked in the database to a group and by selecting the group the applicable materials linked will be visible for selection. This is not mandatory, if unknown leave blank.

                        and / or

                        To search on the Products Produced, select the option. First select the product group before selecting the sub additional options, or leave them blank if unknown. This Applies to both intermediate and retail product selections. As these selections are made, so is the filter list updated automatically.

                        The Technical Search allows you to further narrow down search results for the more Industry related searches. This will be typically used by a person having special and usually practical Knowledge of the industry especially of a mechanical nature.

                        To perform a technical search: In the same manner as the basic and advanced search option, you can select the applicable Search option such as Certification. This will display based on selection in check box the companies that have been verified and certified in the relevant Health and Safety quality certifications. Again in each of these search fields you can make your selection, using icons to “Select All” or “De Select All”

                        and / or

                        To search on HS codes, it is important that you understand the Harmonised System classification and grouping. From the drop down list first select the chapter and then the heading and product code, however if only the chapter is known, leave the rest blank, the results will filter based on the chapter selected.

                        ; and / or

                        The Yarn search is for the industry guru to be able to search on the yarn characteristics and type by selecting the required yarn from the drop down list.

                        and / or

                        On the Product capacity, select the product end use from the drop down list

                        and / or

                        On the Process capacity Select a Unit of Measure, Capacity, enter the Minimum Value  which is relevant to your product search. Once the filters and selections have been made from the Pre defined drop down options, additional values must be added before the filter icon is selected. This will then display the filtered criteria for display as indicated.

                        When people search, does your company or phone number show up? Is the right address and website listed? 

                        To be part of the Textile Directory you can register your company on the Textile Directory database by simply clicking on the Register for Free button.

                        Complete the information required such as you email address and click register. You will receive an email confirming your registration with a link. Click on the link provided in the email and follow the navigation steps to completing the listing of your company. Please Note that registering your company does not validate the information. Only once a company has been audited is the company qualified status confirmed.

                        Reasons why you should register:

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